The Füssel Fundraiser

Insamlat: 2 500 kr
Mål: 70 000 kr
Skapad av:
Tess Nooren
28 november 2018
31 januari 2019

Dearest Friends,

In the spirit of Christmas giving and in loving memory of the powerhouse mother, wife and friend that we have lost this year, we wanted to set-up a fundraiser inspired by the boundless energy and compassion she had in life. This led to the creation of the ‘Füssel’ Fundraiser – an endearing nickname given to her by Henk.

Through this fundraiser we hope to raise money for what we believe is a very important cause. Ung Cancer is a Swedish organisation – you might be familiar with their beaded colourful ‘fuck cancer’ bracelets – that works to improve the living conditions of young adults suffering either directly or indirectly from cancer. They have created a community through which they are able to provide meeting places, psychological and financial support as well as rehabilitation opportunities for thousands of members. Having witnessed and felt the effects of this unforgiving disease we know how important it is to receive as much support as possible, and to know that one doesn’t stand alone.

Together, through our mutual respect and love for Nicole lets say, FUCK CANCER.


Tack alla givare!

  • The Van Asten Family 1000 kr
  • Roelof Bril 500 kr
  • Monique van der Heijden 500 kr
  • Barbara and Pawel 1000 kr