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Ung Cancer, or Young Cancer in English, is a non-profit organisation that works to improve living conditions for young adults with cancer. By this we mean young adults aged 16 to 30 who live with or next to cancer.

Händer håller i varandra.

We work with information, education and opinion making together with young adults with cancer, as well as with authorities, the health care services and other areas of society. We create meeting places, spread information and drive the debate on pressing issues. All young adults with cancer should receive the support they are entitled to and need. No one should ever feel alone.

What we do


When young adults with cancer get in touch with the authorities and the health care services, we’re on hand to assist them. Our coordinators answer phone calls and emails, mediate contact with the authorities or the health care services and can inform at a workplace or school if a member so wishes.


When we arrange member meetings, they are mostly about talking. Usually over a coffee, or perhaps while playing pool or at a bowling alley. We cover all the costs, even travel expenses for those who live far away, and arranges training courses for the members who are in charge at these meetings.


In our own forum, members can talk about their situations and their experiences and meet others who are or have been in similar situations. Members can write what they think and feel, as well as get in touch with people who understand and can offer support without expecting anything in return.


Members of our organisation can be paired up with a friend to talk to. The friend will be another member who is also looking for someone to talk to and who, for example, has a similar diagnosis or situation.


We arrange activities so that members can develop, be inspired and experience something together. These activities are organized by our employees and conducted by guest speakers and experts in different fields. In order to reach as many members as possible we arrange activities in several different locations in Sweden.


Once a year, we invite our members to a national meeting. Getting together for an entire weekend, members share experiences, listen to lectures and participate in workshops. Also in attendance are relevant organisations, authorities and companies to provide information and answer questions. Our goal is to offer the opportunity to share thoughts and dreams and to be inspired by each other and the other participants at the meeting. The feeling of community and the exchange made possible when our members participate in the national meeting comprise the core of our activities.

·       GRANTS

We offer two different grants. The grant for general financial support can be applied for by members who have or have had cancer and whose financial situation has been affected by the disease to such an extent that they can no longer afford rent, food, medication and other essential expenses. The grant for rehabilitation is for those who need financial support to conduct the rehabilitation they feel they need. This grant can be applied for by all young adults with cancer who are members.


The phrase Fuck Cancer rouses feelings, triggers discussions and creates debate. It shows that many people stand by our members and that they are never alone. It is time to start talking about cancer. We see that people dare to and want to. They just need a helping hand. Seeing the word helps. Saying Fuck Cancer helps. We say Fuck Cancer to remove the stigma and take some of the drama out of the word cancer. We say Fuck Cancer because we believe it needs to be said.

Support Ung Cancer

We exist to provide young adults affected by cancer with support, community and channels where they can express pain, grief and anger, ask questions, calm their nerves and be there for others in the same situation. The need is enormous and there is always more to do.

As an individual, you can support us by buying Fuck Cancer products or becoming a support member via If you live in Sweden, you can attend our beading days to bead Fuck Cancer wristbands and follow us on social media. Feel free to share our message.

We are always looking to enter new partnerships with companies that would really like to make a difference and want to contribute in various ways with resources and knowledge. We have a long-term partnerships with companies, but we also work with companies on one-off initiatives. The aim is to create partnerships that help our members.

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